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AC01_Importance of Continuous Learning Training

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Elearning course
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AC01_Importance of Continuous Learning Training

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Further Information - AC01_Importance of Continuous Learning Training


We often tend to think of learning as something that happens exclusively within an academic environment. Learning, however, is a lifelong process that is crucial for one’s personal and professional growth. In an era as dynamic as the 21st century, it is important to continuously learn so that one can keep up with the fast-changing world. Even in a workspace, employees need to take responsibility to upskill themselves. Furthermore, according to Deloitte's High-Impact Organization Design research, high performing organizations take decisions that enhance human capabilities and enable workforce mobility. They are always adopting new ways of working that foster passion in the workforce.

This training is meant for:

● Business Leaders

● Business Consultants

● HR Leaders

● Trainers

● Entrepreneurs

● Anyone who is interested in learning about continuous learning

In this course, you are going to:

● Understand the meaning of continuous learning

● You will recognize the importance of continuous learning in upskilling your workforce, and

● Understand how to support continuous learning in the workplace